Resume for Larnie Fox



1985 Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, University of Utah

1983 Performance Art workshop with Paul McCarthy, University of Utah

1982-83 Independent Studies, Painting, Printmaking and Performance Art, University of Utah

1979 Lithography Workshop, Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Colorado

1977 Bachelor of Art, Painting and Drawing, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania


2021-present: Visiting Artist for Arts Benicia at Liberty High School, Benicia

2017-present: Drawing, Painting and Tinkering Instructor for Arts Benicia

2015-present: Consultant representing the Estate of Jon Schueler

2015-2016: Consultant for Arts Benicia

2010-2015: Executive Director of Arts Benicia

1995-2010: Producer of Children's Fine Arts, for the Palo Alto Art Center, City of Palo Alto

1991-1995 ArtKids Program Director, Community School of Music and Arts, Mountain View, California

1993-1995 Resident Artist at Slater Elementary School, (now closed) Mountain View, for California Arts Council's Artists in the Schools Program

1988-90 Vice President, Golden Section, a non-profit organization to promote contemporary art forms, Salt Lake City, (unpaid)

1985-90 Adjunct Instructor, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, teaching drawing, painting, art appreciation and color design

1986-92 Resident Artist in Public Schools, for Artists in Education Program, Utah Arts Council

1988-90 Cofounder and Instructor, Youth Arts Academy, in conjunction with Division of Continuing Education, University of Utah

1988-90 Instructor for Horizons Program, Salt Lake County Department of Education, teaching art to children and adults

1984-90 Project Coordinator and Assistant Project Coordinator for Lallapallooza (Providing hands-on art experience for children at workshops, including Utah Arts Festival )

1988, '89 Project Coordinator for the Sound Tower and Control Room Projects, Children's Art Yard, Utah Arts Festival

1987-88 Instructor, Visual Arts Institute, figure painting and drawing for gifted teens

1986 Instructor, Salt Lake community Education Program, painting and portraiture

1984-85 Teaching Assistant, University of Utah, teaching drawing, five quarters

1983-84 Illustrator for Utah Oral History Project, funded by the Utah Endowment for the Humanities

1983-84 Assistant Preparator, Salt Lake Art Center

1981-82 Drawing Instructor, community University, Bozeman, Montana


2022 Probability with Bodil Fox. Interactive sound-sculpture installation with performances and Dicewalk, Pro Arts Gallery and Commons, Oakland, CA

2019 Artilugios with Bodil Fox. Performance, Pukuj Nucu Galería Gráfica, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

2019 Contraption Quartet Performance, Museum of Sonoma, Santa Rosa, CA

2019 Contraption Quartet Performance, Bridge Storage and ArtSpace, Richmond, CA

2019 Contraption Quartet Performance, Center for New Music, San Francisco

2019 Sonic Windmill, installation at Aeolian day, Thingamajigs, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA, created with support from Lucas Artist Residency

2018 Eclipse (Quiet Version) Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA, with Bodil Fox

2018 Eclipse at Canessa Gallery, San Francisco with Bodil Fox

2018 Contraption Quartet Performance, Rancho Shazam, Larkspur, CA

2017 Contraption Quartet Performance, Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA

2017 Contraption Quartet Performance, Circumambulation for 23five’s Re:Sound series, Mare Island

2016 Birdhouse, site-specific installation with Bodil Fox, Temple Lofts Gallery in Vallejo, CA, included in Wild by Nature, an exhibition curated by Celeste Smeland, in association with Visions of the Wild, a festival organized by the Vallejo community Arts Foundation

2016 Contraption Quartet Performance Soundsmiths: Celebrating Instrumental Invention, Center For New Music, San Francisco

2016 Sonic Windmill, featured installation at Aeolian day, Thingamajigs, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA, created with support from Lucas Artist Residency

2016 Sonic Windmill, Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA, created with support from Lucas Artist Residency

2016 Contraption Quartet (formerly Flex) performance at Mad Mary's Tavern, Lucas Artist Residency, Montalvo Art Center, Curated by Mary Rowell

2015 Crank Ensemble, 10th Anniversary performance, Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA

2015 Music for Perpetual Motion with Paul Dresher and Sung Kim, Flex Performance at Turquoise Yantra Grotto, San Francisco  

2015 Crank Ensemble at 18th annual Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival, Center For New Music, San Francisco

2014 Floor Harp II, Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA

2014 Crank Ensemble at Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

2013 Crank Ensemble performances at Norcal Noisefest, Sacramento, CA and Burlington Hotel, Port Costa, CA

2012 Floor Harp, Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA

2012 Crank Ensemble at Maker Faire

2011 Crank Ensemble performances at Maker Faire, Mini Maker Faire, Oakland, CA, Art-a-thon, benefit for ArtSeed, Tides Center, San Francisco, and ArtSeed at Arion Press, San Francisco

2010 Crank Ensemble at Maker Faire

2010 Public Dice Walk starting at Arts Benicia

2010 Crank Ensemble East performance for Moscow Clay Works Grand opening, Moscow, PA

2010 Crank Ensemble performance for opening reception MAKE:CRAFT exhibition, Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

2010 Terrible Noises for Beautiful People, Directed by Misha Glouberman at Ann Hamilton's Sound Tower at the Oliver Ranch, Geyserville, CA

2009 Crank Ensemble collaboration with San Francisco Sinfonietta, Krankitupp, composition by Crank Ensemble and Urs Steiner, String Theory at Garden of Memory, Cams, Cranks and Computers at Newtown, Los Angeles

2009 Time Harp/Noise Harp performances for Brutal Sound Effects and Godwaffle Noise Pancakes

2008 Time Walk, with Bodil Fox, in conjunction with Time Sensitive Materials at Cricket Engine Gallery, Oakland, CA Dice-controlled random group walk with randomly varied speed

2008 Installation Time Harp at at Garden of Memory, Oakland, CA

2008 Crank Ensemble performances at The Sometime Gallery, Maker Faire, Priceless, False Profit, Beldentown, CA, Music for People and Thingamjigs Festival at Oakland Museum, Intel Developers' Forum, and Worklights with Theatre of Yugen, Pirate Cat Radio, San Francisco City Dump AiR Program, with resident artist Paul Cesewski

2007 Performed on my Activity Board with Yugen Orchestra in Letters from a Small House, one of the Cycle Plays with Theatre of Yugen

2007 Collaborated with wife Bodil Fox to make sets for Cycle Plays by Theatre of Yugen in Theatre Artaud, San Francisco Directed by Erik Ehn

2007 Built bamboo structure at Djerassi Foundation to prepare for the Cycle Plays

2007 Crank Ensemble performances at Garden of Memory, Luggage Store, Maker Faire, Music for People and Thingamjigs Festival, 12 Galaxies with Extra Action Marching Band, and Noise Pancakes

2006 Crank Ensemble performances at Garden of Memory, The Launch Pad, KFJC, Edgetone Music Summit at 21 Grand, and Ashkenaz

2005 Crank Ensemble performances at Garden of Memory, Luggage Store, Other Mind's Brink and Epic Arts

2005 Droneshift, organized by Matt Davignon at 21 Grand gallery, Oakland, CA

2004 The Important Phone Call, a four-part musical composition for chorus or strings, premiered by the San Francisco Sinfonietta

2003 Targodie sound art performance with Scot Jenerik incorporating the War Toys installation at the Lab, San Francisco

2003 At Least My Machines Still Love Me one night interactive sound sculpture installation at the CELLspace, San Francisco, sponsored by QBOX Displayed Engines from Airliner

2002 The Noise of Art one night interactive sound sculpture installation at Jim Mason's Shipyard, Berkeley, sponsored by QBOX Displayed The Crow and Sub

2001 Self Propelled evening at the Exploratorium, San Francisco, displayed the Ornithopter

2001 Built 12 ft bamboo and plywood Helicopter/Windvane for the Randall Museum, San Francisco

2001 BurningART presents: A Mechanical Cabaret at CELLspace, San Francisco

2001 BurningART presents Larnie Fox at CELLspace, San Francisco

2000 Quiet Night, Holy Noise, performance installation at The Lab, San Francisco

1998 Deconstructing Household Appliances at Splunge Warehouse, San Francisco

1998 Miniature Machine Event at the Werepad

1998 Brutal Sound Effects noise show at Tire Beach, San Francisco. My windmill was used as a sound source. In collaboration with Bill of Here Are the Facts You Requested

1998 Brutal Sound Effects noise show at Komotion, San Francisco. Machine noise, video installation and fire

1998 Untitled noise show at Noisegate, Oakland

1997 Commissioned to create and burn 20 ft. bamboo and muslin windmill at Burning Man

1994 Holy Animal, for Never Trust Anyone over Thirty, an evening of performance arranged by Scot Jenerik, San Francisco

1994 Washington HillBillaries II: Up Late with Bill and Hillary, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, in association with Lise Swenson and Scott McCleod

1993 Washington HillBillaries, The Lab, San Francisco, in association with Lise Swenson and Scott McCleod

1993 Rootman, performance at the Hate Cave, Salt Lake City

1992 Rootman Performance in Hairy Sticky Man, evening at Anti-Matter Gallery, San Francisco, curated by Lise Swenson and Aaron Noble

1990 Fireside Chat, Performance, ArtSpace, Salt Lake City, with Art Bias Group, (includes Wendy Ajax and Tony Weller), to benefit Another Language Dance Co

1990 First Steps, Performance in installation, Salt Lake Art Center, (main gallery), with Art Bias Group

1990, '89, '88, '87, Performances in Dinwoody Park, Downtown Salt Lake, as part of Salt Lake Arts Council's Brown Bag concert series. Pieces used movement, "low-tech" electronic sound, found-object percussion, readings and singing with Art Bias Group

1990 Living Art, Dooley Gallery, Park City, Utah, Art Bias Group in collaboration with Another Language performing arts ensemble

1989 Will Eye One, Wrote and directed multi-media performance for Utah Media Center

1988 Pierpont Tapestries, Salt Lake Art Center Piece involved found object percussion, building of wooden structure and pizza. Done with Art Bias Group in collaboration with Lowell Construction Co commissioned by Phillips' Galleries

1988 Pierpont Parade Project Co-directed artists' parade through Salt Lake in celebration of grand opening of Pierpont Gallery, commissioned by Phillips' Galleries

1988 Co-organized and performed in evening of performance art at the Utah Media Center

1986 Voice of the Second Driver at Finch Lane Gallery. Co-organized and performed in evening of performance art, supported by the Salt Lake Arts Council

1986 Untitled piece for Grunts and Postures' grand opening. Collaborated with Art Bias Group using light, industrial sound, movement and machines

1986 Low-Tech Consortium at the Painted Word Organized improvisational collaboration with dancers, musicians and visual artists combined machine sound and movement with dance, found-object percussion, and synthesizer

1985 Machines, University of Utah Art Department Machine-generated sound, motion and light

1984 Sleeptalk at the Painted Word Simultaneous readings from my dream journals, using an opaque projector to draw with colored light on a stationary bike racer (pumping furiously), and a bike-generated strobe light

1984 Network, Gittens Gallery, University of Utah, Involved a narrow black tepee with a drummer inside, two telephones, and a growing web of black yarn that enveloped the audience

1983 Untitled piece during performance seminar with Paul McCarthy Included many different personal statements read simultaneously and group walk holding hands


2019 Leonardo at 500; Homage and Excuse, Center For New Music, San Francisco

2016 Cranks and other Noisemakers, Center For New Music, San Francisco, created with support from Lucas Artist Residency

2014 Dark Continents, Kathleen Olson Realty, Benicia, CA 50 piece panel distributed in the space with video

2008 Time Sensitive Materials with Bodil Fox at Cricket Engine Gallery, Oakland, CA

2003 War Toys, one person show at The Lab, San Francisco

2001 Reverse Flow two person show with Joshua Churchill at Pond Gallery, San Francisco

2000 Ornithopters and Little Walkers installation at the Randall Museum, San Francisco

1997-98 Solstice Kite with Patricia Ravarra, installation at the First Congregational Church, in association with the Community Music Center Orchestra, San Francisco

1996 Guernica Code and Hanging Sky Garden, installations at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California

1995 Neural Nets and Familiars with Patricia Ravarra at Lupin Gallery, Lupin Naturalist Resort, Los Gatos, California

1994 Horseshoe Cafe, San Francisco

1990 New Rules, One Person show at Loge Gallery, University of Utah

1988 Two Person Show at Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City

1987 Sounds that Art Makes, two room sound-sculpture installation, Finch Lane Gallery, Supported by the Utah and Salt Lake Arts Councils

1985 Low-Tech Workshop, electrokinetic installation, Show-case Gallery, University of Utah

1985 M F A Thesis show, Utah Museum of Fine Arts

1985 Rio Grande Restaurant, one person show, Salt Lake City

1985 Secret Congruities, Paintings at the Painted Word, Salt Lake City

1983 Atrium Gallery, two-person show, Salt Lake City


2021 Altered Scores, Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2022, '21 '20' 19' 18' 17 '16 Art of the Community, Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2019 Spirit of Invention III at Bridge Storage and ArtSpace, Richmond, CA

2018 Bocce Balls and Other Human Propelled Spheres at Benicia Library, curated by Bodil Fox

2017-2018 Drop by Drop, featuring Clepsydra, a collaboration with Bodil Fox at the Benicia Historical Museum, curated by Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2017 Magical Realism – Allegory, Dreams, and Myth, juried by Paul Pratchenko at Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2017 Gems IV, Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2015, '14, '13, '12, '11, Mosaic Project, Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

2014 Group show, Gallery 621, Benicia, CA 50 piece panel, Dark Continents, shown as integrated piece with video

2014 Transformation of Connectivity, with Kerry Vander Meer at Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

2014, '13, '12, '11, '10 Arts Benicia annual Auction Exhibition

2011 Wooden, Thoreau Gallery, Tides Center, San Francisco, CA

2009, '02 '01, '98,'96,'95 The Lab, San Francisco, Art Auction

2002 Sight Unseen at The San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, including The Crow

2001 CELL Artists' Gallery Show, Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace, San Francisco

2000 Blueprint, art auction at Southern Exposure to benefit TILT, San Francisco

2000 Artburst at, San Francisco

1998 Art of Burning Man, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco

1998 High Speed Art, Secession Gallery, San Francisco

1998 Work in Progress, Second Space Gallery, San Francisco Sponsored by Project San Francisco/Goteborg

1998, '97, '96 Visual Aid's Big Deal, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco

1996 Burning Man Show, Crucible Steel Gallery at Cell, San Francisco

1996,'94 Community School of Music and Arts' faculty show, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View, California

1995 Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA, Art Auction

1994 Shelter Gallery, San Francisco, Street Art , group show

1994 Show 'N Tell Gallery, San Francisco

1991-1987 Phillips' Galleries, Salt Lake City, various group shows

1990 Art Barn Retrospective, 1965-1990 Installation entitled: What the Witch Doctor Must Overcome

1990 First Steps, Four person installation, Salt Lake Art Center, (main gallery)

1990 Four person show at Phillips' Gallery, Salt Lake City

1990, '87, '86, '84, '82, Utah's annual state-wide juried show held at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, or the Salt Lake Art Center Traveling Exhibition Program award, 1990, 1985

1990 Youth Arts Academy Faculty Show, Showcase Gallery, University of Utah

1990, '88, '86, Weber State University Faculty Show, Ogden, Utah

1989 Utah Painting, Invitational show at the Union Pacific Depot, in conjunction with the Utah Arts Festival

1989 Pro-Choice Benefit Show, Blue Mouse Gallery, Salt Lake City

1988 Art on The Town, installation in down-town windows, by Golden Section members and others, supported by the NEA and local arts councils. Facilitated by Mark Brest van Kempen

1988 Beyond the Book, Artist's Books at Finch Lane Gallery

1988 Past Lives, Avenues Branch Library, Salt Lake

1986 20/20 Vision, invitational at Utah Arts Festival

1986 Art Center Alliance Show, Salt Lake Art Center

1986 Black and White, Eccles Art Center, Ogden, Utah

1985 Lallapallooza group show at the Painted Word

1985 Flights of Fancy, Chase Home, Utah Arts Council

1984 Group show at the Blue Mouse Gallery, Salt Lake City

1983 Xerox Art Show, Glendining Gallery, Utah Arts Council

1981 Sweet Pea '81, Bozeman , Montana, (Annual juried show)

1980, '79, '78 Roaring Fork Valley Annual, Aspen, Colorado


2022 “Benicia Artists Close Out Historic Gallery in Oakland with ‘Probability’” Benicia Herald

2022 “Benicia Artists ‘Probability’ to Debut at Pro Arts Gallery and Commons in Oakland March 5” Benicia Herald

2021 "Our Hometown Heroes ~ Benicia Mask Makers", Benicia Herald

2020 “‘Sewed And Delivered Thousands Of Masks': Benicia Heroes” Benicia Patch

2020 "Benicia residents spearhead effort to make masks for health care workers", Benicia Herald

2020 "Benicia mask making group for health care workers reaches 50-plus members", Benicia Herald

2020 "Benicia mask making group pushes on: 70 makers have distributed over 6,000 masks to 62 health care facilities", Benicia Herald

2020 "The Carquinez Community Rallies Together", Carquinez Magazine

2020 "It takes a Village ", Benicia Magazine

2018 "Sound Art: An Interesting & Creative Take On Musical Performances", Benicia Magazine

2018 "Bocce Balls and Other Human Propelled Spheres at Benicia Library", Vallejo Times Herald

2018 "Bocce ball art exhibit rolls into Benicia Library", Benicia Herald

2016 "Benicia Artists Earn Residency at Prestigious Art Center", Benicia Herald

2015 "Arts Benicia Director Announces Retirement", Benicia Herald

2014 Wrote "Benicia's Internationally Important Legacy of Ceramic Sculpture", Benicia Magazine

2013 "Exploring Sound", SubMerge Magazine, Crank Ensemble and others at NorCal Noisefest

2011 "Head of Arts Benicia to Speak at Library", Benicia Herald

2010 "An Interview with Larnie Fox", Benicia Magazine

2009 "San Francisco Sinfonietta Making a Splash", San Francisco Examiner, featuring collaboration with the Crank Ensemble

2008 "Time Harp gurgles its way to musical genius", Boingboing net

2008 "Time Harp: It's music, but it's not beautiful",

2008 "Time Harp Instrument is Motion-Sensing, String-Playing Howler",

2008 "The Crank Ensemble gears up for an Oakland Arthouse Show", Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, San Mateo County Times, by Laura Casey

2008 "The Crank Ensemble", NPR's "California Report" by Mina Kim

2007 "Four's Company", Palo Alto Weekly cover story, about Abramovitz Scholarship that I managed for the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation

2006 "Palo Alto Graffiti", Palo Alto Weekly cover story, about mural at Mitchel Park Teen Center that I facilitated through Children's Fine Arts

2003 "Life, Cubed", San Francisco Weekly, by Silke Tudor

2003 "Things that go bump in the night", San Francisco Examiner, by Anne Crump



Center for New Music

Phillips' Galleries

Salt Lake Art Center

Utah Arts Council

Digital Equipment

American Express

Weber State University

Numerous private collections



Board Member, Benicia Performing Arts Foundation

Member, Long Now Foundation

Member, Arts Benicia

Advisory Board, 23five inc

1993-2003, Founding Board Member, 23five inc, a non-profit organization to promote sound art, San Francisco

Host Committee, Sound Culture '96 International Festival

Past Member, The Lab, San Francisco

Past Member, Utah Artists Bank

Past Vice President, Golden Section, (non-profit group for contemporary art)

Past Member, Salt Lake Art Center

Past Member, College Art Association


2020 Benicia Mask Makers Worked with Bodil Fox and volunteers to provide over 15,000 hand-sewn cloth face masks to over 100 health care and other facilities

2019 Four day impromptu residency at Arteria Chiapas with Bodil Fox, culminating with a performance at Pukuj Nucu Galería Gráfica, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

2019 Panel Discussion Mastering Collaboration: Stories and Insights from the Creative Work Fund, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

2019 Panel Discussion Creating Your Legacy: Estate Planning for Artists, Arts Benicia

2019 Started Benicia Chapter of the Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra and Chorus with Bodil Fox and Urs Leonhardt Steiner. Performed Carmina Burana at Clock Tower, Benicia, CA

2017 Featured in A Foundation's 20-Year Experiment in Art and Civic Engagement, a book By Frances Phillips

2017 Artists' Coffee Table detail images won the Five80split Prize in Visual Arts and were selected as cover for Five80split journal produced by Mills College

2016 Three month residency at Lucas Artist Residency, Montalvo Art Center

2012 Arranged for San Francisco Sinfonietta (now Golden Gate Symphony) performance of Mozart's Requiem at the Benicia Clock Tower (Also sang bass)

2011 Symposium panelist for I Read the News Today, oh Boy, at Benicia Public Library

2011 DIY Musical Instruments Tailgate Party, with Thingamajigs at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2009 Outsound Summit; Touch the Gear, with the Crank Ensemble, Oakland CA

2008 Monster Drawing Rally at Southern Exposure, San Francisco

2006 Collaborated with wife Bodil Fox to create Dragonfly Ornithopter for Dupage Museum, near Chicago, Il

2004 Completed In the Cathedral of Airplanes, sound art CD

1999 I installed a windmill on my roof, 3rd Street, San Francisco

1998 Made a pair of 15 ft. bamboo and muslin fire lamps for Analogue Cafe, a benefit for Laughing Squid Productions, Cyclone Warehouse, San Francisco

1998 Built and "flew" a 23 ft. bamboo and muslin airplane at Burning Man with Bodil

1997 Horse kinetic sound sculpture with bicycle parts for 23five benefit at the Lab

1997 Made bamboo vehicles, wings and propellers for 24 hour Space Walk, San Francisco

1997 Made temporary bamboo and muslin sculptures as part of a welcome for Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, San Francisco

1996-1999: Designed and maintained website for 23five Inc.

1996 Constructed and flew a 23 ft kite at Burning Man

1996 Assisted artist Brian Goggin with Defenestration, a site specific installation in San Francisco

1994-1997: Built and operated mechanical props for Caroliner, a San Francisco experimental rock band

1995 Three paintings used for the cover art of 3000 Words, a compact disc by Jenerik Audio, distributed internationally

1994 Curated Community School of Music and Arts' first visual arts faculty show, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View, California