In the Cathedral of Airplanes


After I returned from a family vacation in to Hawaii I had two very striking dreams.

In the first, Mark Brest van Kempen and I were wandering through the ruins of a partially bombed-out city. We came across a constrution site. They were building a towering new Cathedral. As I looked up I could see the skeleton of the building looming far, far above us, a complex structure of intertwining metal and scaffolding. We started to walk beneath it, and stopped as we looked down. Yawning beneath us was a deep pit, filled with interlacing metal work and scaffolding. The structure was just as breathtakingly huge underground as it was aboveground.

In the second dream, I became aware that I was supposed to make a sound art CD. It was to be entitled "In the Cathedral of Airplanes", and it was to contain the sounds of airplanes, and the sounds of choirs. Cheryl Leonard gave me encouragement.

After the dreams, I sought help from Scot Jenerik and Aaron Ximm. I bought a new computer, a dedicated hard drive and a mini-disc recorder. I started making field recordings, and composing choral music.


Listen to "In the Cathedral of Airplanes"

Use headphones. Be patient.


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