Crow” at the “Sight Unseen” show at the San Francisco Art Institute, 2002. “Crow” was a response to the 9/11 attacks and our government’s reaction to them. (The crow is known as a bird of war.) The installation consisted of a dark ornithopter run by a bike wheel that would start to spin when activated by a motion sensor. The sounds of the spinning wheel (which you should be hearing now) were amplified into headphones. Also included in the installation were a coffee table with notebook and photographs.

Crow is a sound/kinetic sculpture made from plywood, bamboo, found objects and interfacing (fabric).
It has a ten foot wingspan.
It is an ornithopter, that is a machine that flaps its wing like a bird.
As viewers trip the motion sensor, the bike wheel spins.
It is controlled by a motion sensor. This makes the wings flap and generates sound is that is picked up by a contact microphone and amplified.


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