I have been doing sound/noise performances since the mid-80's.
When I was living with Scot Jenerik, we collaborated on a series of recordings. A small part of those recordings were later released by Mobilization Records as "Targodie ~ Against the Sky".


In 2004 I made a CD entitled In the Cathedral of Airplanes. You can listen to one of my first results. Use headphones and be patient. I wrote some choral music for it, but it ended up being performed on strings by the San Francisco Sinfonieta.





In 2005 I made a six hand-cranked instruments. I asked some very nice people to help me, and we formed the Crank Ensemble. Hear: here.

In 2010 I began working on a collection of sound art entitled Dark Continents. It also evolved into a painting.

In 2017, Bodil Fox, Lena Strayhorn, Chris Miller and I began collaborating on performances as Flex.

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