Burning Windmill
Windmill on the Roof
Tire Beach Windmill
High Speed Art Proposal
Airplane & Wiindmill

This is the Windmill I made with Charity for Burning Man '97. It moved gently to face the wind, turned slowly, sat by the man on the desert floor, and burned fast.




A freind I never met shot a beautiful picture of the windmill and put it on his site.

Here's a nice photo of the windmill that I stole from the Gigsville site, including Charity, Lise Swenson and me, and a Satan impersonator.

I did another windmill at Tire Beach for the Brutal Sound Effects Festival in June, '98. It had a contact mike in it, and was a stunningly rich sound source. Bill of Here Are the Facts You Requested ran sound processing for it. I was surprised to find it out on the web. In July, Bodil and I attached a bigger windmill to an island near same location.

I submitted a proposal to Secession Gallery to put up four windmills in and around the lagoon that is between 101 and the Caltrain tracks just south of Candlestick Point, heading into San Francisco. They ultimately rejected it, but t's worth looking at. I did some photoshop "what ifs". I still plan on putting up a windmill or two.

Here's another proposal, this one for a windmill in Point Arena, California.

Though we spent most of the time working on the airplane, Bodil and I set up a windmill for our themecamp, "F-Space", at Burning Man, 1998. It featured a Danish Flag as the back sail, which attracted a steady stream of Danes to our camp. Here's a shot by Dawn Neal featuring the windmill and the airplane after it wrecked.

Here is the saga of a really good windmill on Tire Beach that Bodil and I built on the Vernal Equinox, 1999.

We finally got around to putting one up on our roof.

Ring of Fire