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Bodil and I were planning to get away for a while over the President's Day holidays. We needed to be in Benicia for Saturday, February 17, 2012, so Bodil could take a class in Chinese paper cutting at Arts Benicia, and I could finish Currents, Arts Benicia's eNewsletter. The Bay Bridge was to be closed over the weekend, so there was no quick way back to our place in San Francisco. I had spent some time on Google earth, looking for some sort of nice place to go for an overnight. I found a few interesting places, but they were all booked up, apparently by people thinking the same thing.

Bodil suggested a dice drive. I was very enthusiastic about that idea, as we had talked about it many times in the past, but there never seemed to be a convenient time. We agreed: February 18 we would do a dice drive starting in Benicia.
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A dice walk is a method for randomly walking through a space, usually a town. A dice drive is a way of randomly moving through a bigger space, using a car.

Typically, if you roll one or two, it means turn right. If you roll a three or four, it means turn left. If you roll a five or a six, it means turn right.

If you want to move more in a straight line, only a one will take you to the left, and only a six will take you to the right.