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The artist from Calistoga whose name we can't remember with any certainty sent us to a nearby winery, Clos Pegase. Some may say that this is not fair, and in some systems that would be true. In our system, if we know where we want to go, there we go. The die goes into the pocket during this time, and only comes back out when we're back on the die's path. Part of the fun is side trips.
Henry Moore The place was full of really important art. Just like going to the permanent collection of some important museum, we ran around finding old friends from art history classes in college. We couldn't believe that such an important collection was out in the relative middle of nowhere.
80 east
37 west
29 north
12 west
121 north
128 east
st. helena
29 north
clos pegase
Mark di Suvero
They had a T-shirt wrack in front of this important Francis Bacon gorrila skull
George Rickey! One of my favorites. There is a great piece of his in front of the San Francisco Main Library.
Jean Dubuffet
Me blocking the view to another Mark di Suvero
Bodil has a series of photos kissing various figures and sculptures ~ here she is kissing a Cesar Baldachini Thumb.
Richard Serra
There was a lot more. We just scratched the surface. We highly reccomend this as a place to go if you like art. Perhaps their wine is good too. How would we know?