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128 took us back down to 29 North, and the die took us right at the corner. It was sort of a shock, because suddenly we found out where everyone else had gone to. We were in a wine country traffic jam. There was a hamburger stand that must have had some sort of special charm, because there were like forty people standing in line to eat there. We crawled into St. Helena, stopped at a market, and got some special cheese and olives to make us feel better.
80 east
37 west
29 north
12 west
121 north
128 east
st. helena
29 north
clos pegase
We had agreed that we would give options only to routes with numbers until later in the day (we kept extending the deadline), but finally it was time to try our agreed upon method ~ which was to give options at every road or street or whatever. We spent a less-blissful half hour driving all through residential St. Helena, until we decided that major roads with route numbers was where it was at for for us, until 5:00 pm when we would start looking for a motel.