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The die took us straight up 29, and straight onto the main drag of Calistoga. I had applied for a job directing a small local art center there in 2009 ~ and I wanted to see if it was still there, on the main street, where it had been. It wasn't ~ but there was a good gallery and studio there. I think the artist's name was Peterson. I couldn't find him online, and he didn't want to be photographed, but his work was very interesting and ambitious. We talked to him for a while, and sort of as an after thought he sent us to Clos Pegase.
80 east
37 west
29 north
12 west
121 north
128 east
st. helena
29 north
clos pegase
This tree had a bunch of notes in it to old girlfriends, etc.
The artist (Gus??) made large wire sculptures, big abstact paintings, and plenty of combines and assemblages. There was a nice big interior gallery space as well.