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After Clos Pegase, we got back on our die-given-route, 29 North out of Calistoga to Middletown. It was getting close to 5:00, and our agreement was that we would start looking for nearby lodging around then. We were pretty sure we wouldn't have cell coverage on the way, so we did some searching online before we started up the hill.
"Find nearby hotels" brought up a couple of divey-looking places, a casino (hmm?) and Harbin Hot Springs. Harbin! Not much hope there, on a crowded holiday weekend for a room at the legendary hippie new-age quinisential California Hot Springs retreat ~ but we called anyway. So I asked ~ the guy is beginning to appologize when he spots a room open ~ a last-minute cancellation. Hard to believe ~ we couldn't have planned a better week-end run-away. The die rules!
80 east
37 west
29 north
12 west
121 north
128 east
st. helena
29 north
clos pegase
29 North to Middletown. Nice drive, nice little town.