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Cycle Plays
Bodil and I did set design for a Theatre of Yugen production at Project Artaud.
I made a 20 ft. bamboo and muslin windmill at Burning Man in 1997, one on an island off tire beach in 1998, and a better one in 1999, and later, we put one on our roof.

I built and "flew" a 23 ft. bamboo and muslin airplane at Burning Man in1998. In 2003, I made a 30 ft. bamboo airplane/sound installation at the Lab.

Richmond Art Center

In the summer of 1995 I did a big sound sculpture in the courtyard of the Richmond Art Center in the East Bay. I hung metal scrap as chimes and percussion instruments all over a 50 ft. bamboo structure so people could play it with bamboo sticks. They did!

Randall Museum

I had a one person show at the Randall Museum that ran from June to October, 2000, entitled "Ornithopters and Little Walkers"

I coached a bunch of second and third graders, and they made this 30 ft. bamboo structure at the Community School of Music and Art in 1997.
I made a 23 ft. bamboo and muslin kite at Burning Man in 1996.

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