How to tie two pieces of bamboo together

1. Cut a piece of twine at least four feet in length.

2. Wrap the twine around the two bamboo pieces once, and tie with a simple knot leaving one end of the twine about ten inches long, and the other end much longer.

3. Tightly wrap one individual piece four or five times with the long end of the twine.

4. Tie the long end to the short end, very tightly.

5. Tightly wrap the second piece four or five times, individually, with the long end of the twine, and tie again, very tightly.

6. Wrap around both pieces tightly, two or three times each direction, and tie very tightly.

7. Tightly wrap around the knot ~ that is, between the pieces of bamboo, and tie. This should tighten the knot.

If you did it correctly, you should not be able to slide the bamboo in the knot. It should feel very firm and tight. If it does, congratulations are in order.

Here is a pdf of these instructions that is nice to print.