Larnie Fox - selected work and information

Probability Interactive sound sculptures at Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, 2022
Birdhouse Collaboration with Bodil Fox at Temple Lofts Gallery in Vallejo, CA, 2016. Bamboo structure with pleated paper exterior and motorized bamboo and concrete mobiles.
Eclipse Long-string and other invented instruments at Canessa gallery, 2018. Performed with Bodil Fox.
Contraption Quartet Four person ensemble playing mostly invented instruments I made. Pieces are mostly composed.
Crank Ensemble
Fourteen person ensemble playing hand-cranked instruments I made. Pieces are mostly improvised.
Sonic Windmill
Windpowered sound sculpture.
Orrery (About Relationships) Hand-cranked kinetic sculpture, using magnets.
Clepsydra Collaboration with Bodil Fox. Sound sculpture with water and hand pump.
Windup Toys Holiday gifts.
Nepal Series A series of paintings based on photos from our trip to Nepal. Painted spring of 2023.
Timeline Panels A series of paintings made during quarentine, election, insurrection, etc. 2021
Dark Continents 50 panel acrylic painting ~ a requiem for family ~ with accompanying text, sound, and video.
Paintings on Flickr A collection of selected and unexplained paintings from the 1980's to present.
Dicewalk Primer

Dicewalk photos:

Dicedrive, 2012
Pro Arts, Oakland CA, 2022 | | San Francisco, 2022 | | Helsinki, 2021 | | Como, Italy, 2021 | | Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2019 | | Copenhagen, 2018 | | Paris, 2018 | | Arts Benicia 2010 | | Mission District, San Francisco 2009 | | Timewalk, Cricket Engine Gallery, Oakland, 2008