“Orrery (About Relationships)” is a hand-cranked kinetic sculpture made in 2018. Viewers control an advancing or retreating magnet, which causes other magnets to move to the right or left, thus spinning the concrete balls. Like the anti-logic of dream awareness, “Orrery” reacts in unexpected but meaningful ways to manipulation. Viewers will notice that the machinations necessary to make the assembly spin are analogous to emotional maneuverings that anyone who has been in a relationship will recognize.
I built a windmill at Montalvo Arts Center, during my Lucas Artists Residency Program residency there in 2016. It has a free-spinning bicycle wheel mounted on it, which is urged along, but not connected to, the shaft of the windmill. There are piezo contact microphones mounted under the bicycle wheel, which capture the sounds produced by the wheel. The windmill was later positioned on top of Tall Table, an 8 ft. high bamboo and plywood table to create a 12 ft. high windmill, and was the  “Featured Installation” at Thingamjigs’ Aeolian Day.
I made this for the for the Garden of Memory event at the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, Summer Solstice 2008. It is a harp controlled by motion sensors. When they are triggered, they grind plasic coffee lids into stretched nylon strings. I also used it for the Time Sensitive Materials show with Bodil, September 2008.
I made these hand-cranked instruments for theThe Garden of Memory, Summer Solstice 2005. The volunteers who helped with the performance became the Crank Ensmble
There are two of them. They traveled along a string that was suspended over a three-story space and amplified. When they encounter the railing or each other, they reverse direction. I made these for the The Garden of Memory, Summer Solstice 2004
One person show at the LAB, May 2003. I built a 30 ft. bamboo airplane. It had "engines", which were sound-generating machines controlled by motion sensors and amplified. Appologies to Bella Feldman
Installation at the San Francisco Art Institute, 2003. It was an ornithopter using a bike wheel that miraculously had a song within it.
An online gallery of work from the one-person show at the Randall Museum, San Francisco, June through October, 2000.
choice chance
This page contains an old shockwave file that shows a kinetic sculpture I made for a benefit for 23five at The Lab.