Goatyard in the Blinding Sun

As our holdings seem to increase...

The Real Stranger

Mr. Food Strikes Back

9:40:48 PM 10/29/96

No! I refuse the glopped-up complacency of your old goat-yard! I won't swab your glistening yellow floors any more! I'd rather be caught OFF GUARD than blow your worn-out whistle a second time! BOB Why do they harass me like this! /can't they see that this is like an end, like a vacant black stage-like empty shell of a spider - Ones you twist in their own yarn and rub on the edge of your greasy TRASH until it sticks! You think you're smart? Try again, Bubbie! - Try your useless old slick-talk in my store next time - see how far you ring out - JUST SEE for yourself. -SEE, you viscous liquid stain! Just try and comfort yourself with products now! We'll just see how long they last this time.

Lie down and drift - stick out your paws - pull your blankets and earplugs around you - get ready ... Breath deep - Smell the dusk. Look where its dark - try it right now! Be still - keep your eyes still and roll your body - I'M WAITING.....What is it about your eyes - are they as missing as I think? How are you feeling - since your operation - that car wreck spoiled your plant-like body - what happened to us in that Storm? - It's like we gave up - said that we would be blind - just as long as the wind stopped blowing - Why are we all painted black like this - Who scratched all those white lines around your spots? Who said we were no longer to be trusted? .... I mean... just because we got drunk once and they moved our house- without even telling us where the porta-potties were - we don't know what they did with our dogs, with our beloved house plants - and now, I feel so woozy all the - first one paper to fill out, then another, then the first one again - all these freeways, confusing you with decent sunsets in the midst of a


were we wrong to let the soldiers stay out in the barn, to let them flirt with our kinswomen?

Was it wrong to share the smooth stones and our only Earth Book with them?- They still don't believe any of it - So how can they work the Bell Magic? It lives by faith alone, and all they have is confidence. All the feelings they can muster are stress and loyalty. They know nothing of the secret colors of each number, nothing of the center of bees - nothing of sky-reading - YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE! You told us that the mystery was not only for sale, but cheap! And when we paid for it with our downstairs neighbors blood, we find out there's no fucking warranty! What the fuck could you possibly hope to gain anyway? You don't have time to eat from your own vineyard! Your house is always dark! You don't even know how to enjoy a woman any more! You don't even get time off in your dreams! How could a fucking IDIOT like you fool my family? The have more wisdom in their foreskins than you have in your whole RESUME! Why would we decide to stay in these sweaty boxes when we own the whole sky! We had a responsibility to watch the heavens which we have ignored for the last five hundred years as a favor to you, and what have you ever done for us? Do you call sunglasses a boon? Do you think ice cubes could ever make up for the seas that bobbed behind our eyes? I think we should
No matter how romantically devastating their soap operas are! We don't have a clue AND WE DON'T WANT ONE ANYMORE - we are going back to the old ways - nothing can stop that now, nothing. Not your dad - he's dead - not your mom - she's on our side now - not your army - we're past death now - Not nobody, not no way, not NO HOW! So, how about that Mr. Armchair quarterback? How do ya like them apples, Mr. Stayhome? Your way is like making Sand Castles from the bodies of Flamingoes. We stand like anchors on the ancient mound; We shout our refusal to you!

Larnie R. Fox